Mayor Kelly, City of Chattanooga launches mentor hub to connect community members to transformative mentorship opportunities

Chattanooga, Tenn. (Tuesday, July 11) – The City of Chattanooga is proud to announce the official launch of the Mentor Hub, a new tool designed in collaboration with local organizations to foster meaningful connections between community members and organizations offering mentoring services for youth. This online platform will serve as a critical nexus, linking individuals with varying availability, professional backgrounds, skills, and interests to mentoring opportunities that align with their unique attributes, ensuring a mutually beneficial experience for both mentors and mentees.

“I’m a big believer in the power of positive mentorship and have relied on the wisdom and guidance of mentors throughout different seasons in my life,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “Strong mentors can change the trajectory of young people’s lives, which in turn change our communities. Chattanooga is full of great people, and I’m hopeful that this initiative and the ease of this tool inspires potential mentors to take the first step toward making new, powerful connections across our city.” 

The Mentor Hub, accessible at, aims to address the pressing need for mentorship programs in our community by facilitating seamless collaborations and encouraging positive role models for our young residents. Recognizing the transformative power of mentorship, the City of Chattanooga has partnered with local organizations to establish a comprehensive database that ensures community members are paired with the most-suitable mentorship programs based on their expertise and availability.

Whether an individual wishes to dedicate a few hours a week or engage in a long-term commitment, the Mentor Hub provides a basic application that streamlines the process of finding a compatible mentoring program.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Mentor Hub as a powerful tool for connecting passionate individuals with opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth,” said Chris Sands, Executive Director of Community Safety and Gun Violence Prevention for the Office of Community Health. “By facilitating these connections, we are investing in the potential of our young people, providing them with guidance, support, and inspiration to help shape a brighter future.”

The Mentor Hub also serves as an invaluable resource for youth-oriented organizations, simplifying their search for dedicated mentors within the community. By accessing a pool of talented individuals from various professional backgrounds, organizations can significantly enhance their mentoring initiatives and expand their reach to a broader audience. 

Partnering organizations include:

  • NAL Fitness
  • The Bethlehem Center
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga
  • Boys & Girls Club of Chattanooga
  • Bridge Refugee Services, Inc.
  • Green|Spaces
  • Chattanooga FC Foundation
  • Dynamo Studios
  • First Baptist Cares
  • Foster Grandparent Program
  • Hamilton County Coalition
  • Hip Hop for Humanity CHA
  • Kingship Chess Academy
  • Rising Phoenix Foundation
  • Sanders Remodeling, LLC.
  • PEAK
  • YCAP

The City of Chattanooga invites all community members interested in becoming mentors to visit today. 

For more information about the Mentor Hub or if your organization is interested in becoming involved, please visit or email